Life Story

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Cute stationery & accessories to capture your stories on paper

Past Boxes

July 2020

The first quarter box is perfect for recording your summer time adventures (even the at-home ones) and stories. Grab it all and go, then head to the park to enjoy some shade and plan your next hike. It was the perfect time to put your ideas on paper in a cute and unique way.

What's Inside the Box

  • Praxis Design Studio’s Confetti Prescription Card is the perfect way to say “Congratulations” or to celebrate a friend’s victory or your own. Mail it to a friend or keep it for yourself. A great little pick me up!

  • The Honey Grid Dot Journal in this box is perfect for journaling, custom planning, scrapbooking, or writing out your story ideas. Its dotted pages make it easy for your customization. The front includes a table of contents and each page is numbered to help keep track of important pages. It has lay flat binding, an elastic band to keep it all together, and a pocket on the back cover page. Find more items from Our Heiday in Anthropologie stores.

  • Turtle’s Soup Adventure Sticker Pack is a perfect summer time decoration. The Pack Includes 10 vinyl dishwasher safe stickers which means, not only can you decorate your new journal with them, you can also use them on a reusable water bottle.

  • Emii Creations Eco Doge Bag is a perfect bag to carry all your new story telling goodies. Take it with you in your normal bag or even your pocket, then remove it from the pouch. You now have a cute and silly bag for your new items.

  • Playful Paper Sushi Tapes are fun decorations on & off the roll. Each tape is 32ft & 9in long. Decorate your crafts, notebooks, & planners. 4 rolls included.
  • One of the following:

  • Open all of your happy mail packages with the Key Box Cutter. You can even use it to cut strings.

  • World Timeline Tape is a great way to reel off history while DIY-ing. On one side, a working tape measure - on the other, an illustrated chronology of world history. From the age of the dinosaurs to the age of the internet and everything in between. 9’9” long/Just under 3 meters Dual sided Auto-locking measuring tape